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How to find and choose a conveyancing lawyer

Buying or Selling a house

Buying and selling property

One way of choosing a conveyancing lawyer is with an online search and looking at price. Some conveyancing firms have online quote calculators which give you a price when you put details of your house sale or purchase in.

But beware, cheap does not always mean best. You home is probably your biggest asset and the process of buying or selling it could involve some complex legal technicalities. If a price looks very cheap in comparison to other providers, it would be worth asking why.

You also need to decide if you want a local lawyer that you can see. With conveyancing it’s not usually necessary to go into the lawyer’s office but you may want that personal service element. Firms providing that type of local service are unlikely to be as cheap as firms providing high volume, mainly online, conveyancing services.

when looking at the price and especially when comparing prices, check what it includes. Does it include costs like Land Registry fees or any stamp duty for example? Make sure you are clear about the total amount that you will end up paying.

It might be worth “trying before you buy” and contacting the firm to discuss your transaction and get a fee quote. Do they seem interested in your matter? Do they return calls or messages? Are they able to answer your questions in a way that makes you feel comfortable? 

If you are buying with a mortgage, you must check that your conveyancing solicitor is a member of your lender's approved solicitor panel