Joint property ownership instructions to your solicitor
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Joint property ownership and what you need to know

Buying or Selling a house

Property - Residential

If you are buying jointly with someone else, you need to decide how you want to own your property together.  Your solicitor should advise you on this, but you need to give it some thought. 

If you own a house jointly with someone, it can mean that if you die the property automatically passes to them.  Or another form of joint ownership is where your share passes to who you want it to and not necessarily your co-owner.

This can be important because, for example if you were boyfriend and girlfriend, owning jointly, and you broke up, your share could go to your ex-partner if you died and had a certain type of joint ownership.  That can be avoided but you need to discuss it with your solicitor when you buy.

If you are buying jointly with someone you need to decide what proportions, you want to hold the property in. It does not have to be half each, you can decide different proportions. This does not mean he gets the bathroom, and you get the bedroom.  It means how any sale proceeds are divided if and when you sell.