Things to consider for first conveyancing appointment
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Preparing for your conveyancing appointment

Buying or selling a house

Property - Residential

What the lawyer will need you to have ready or have thought about in order buy a property is:

·        Your identification and proof of address – so documents like passport, driving licence, or utility bills.  This is because lawyers have you comply with anti-money laundering regulations and identify their clients

·        Details of the seller/buyer and their solicitor and estate agent

·        Details of your mortgage company

·        Details of where any deposit money is coming from and proof – again this is because the lawyers have to comply with anti-money laundering regulations

·        What are you intending to do with the property – this is because different considerations may apply, for example, to a buy-to-let

·        How you intend to hold the property, for example, jointly with someone else and in what shares

·        Whether you have been made bankrupt

·        If you are selling rather than buying, what you want doing with any surplus money once mortgages and fees have been discharged