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Creating a Power of Attorney

Preparing for your appointment

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What is a Power of Attorney?

This is a legal document that allows you to nominate who should look after either your property and finances or welfare, or both, if you no longer feel able to do it or you lose your capacity to do so.


Preparing for your first meeting to discuss your Power of Attorney?

What the lawyer will need you to have ready or have thought about to create a Power of Attorney is:

·       Your identification and proof of address – so documents like passport, driving licence, or utility bills.  This is because lawyers have you comply with anti-money laundering regulations and identify their clients.

·       Who you want to exercise the Power of Attorney over your affairs?

·       Have you discussed it with your proposed Attorney(s), and do they agree to what you want them to do?

·       Do you want it to be exercised jointly with someone else?

·       Do you want it to be effective whether you have lost capacity or not?

·       Have you created a previous Power of Attorney?  The lawyer may want to see that.