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How do I know if a solicitor is good?

Finding a good lawyer

Relevant across multiple law types

All solicitors are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and must have obtained professional qualifications. However, the law is a huge area and it’s difficult to stay up to date in all of it.

Many solicitors specialise and obtain specialist qualifications in a certain area. The Law Society runs several accreditation schemes for solicitors, which involves individual solicitors proving that they have experience in an area of the law such as Accident claims or Family work. It is always worth looking on the solicitor’s website to see if they have those area specific Law Society accreditations. It does not mean that they are guaranteed to do a good job, or that someone who does not have them will not, but it may be helpful in showing whether the solicitor has a track record in the type of work you need doing.